Holiday Travel Expenses

It may seem that you snagged a good deal on that flight home for Thanksgiving, but if you’re thinking about traveling with bags, think again.

Not only are there fees galore simply for checking a handbag, but there are also fees for oversized and overweight baggage that may cost you $300 per bag (each way!). That, alone, could easily top the price on your ticket.

Here’s how to not be a sucker.

Pay Your Baggage Fee Online

Most major airlines levy a $5 surcharge per bag for suitcases fees paid at the airport terminal. Paying via credit card when you check in for your air travel online saves you money and time at the ticket counter.

Soar JetBlue or Southwest

Airlines with budget-friendly airfares are also friendly to your bags. JetBlue allows one checked bag per traveler cost-free and Southwest allows two.

Use a Scale and Tape Measure at home

The fees for large and heavy bags are large and heavy-anywhere from $50 to $175. Weighing your baggage before you leave means that you will see no surprises at the airport terminal. Also, measure your suitcases even though you think you know the size-packing bulges count.

Carry On

When you can pack light (and small), you can avoid paying the checked bag charge altogether. Nowadays, however, many folks have the same idea, so if your bag should need to go in the overhead compartment, board the aircraft as quickly as possible to snag a spot.

Pack an extra Bag

That is especially important if you intend to do a lot of shopping at your destination. A collapsible duffel occupies little room in your suitcase on the outbound trip and will save you from excess baggage fees on the inbound. You’ll end up saving $20 to $100 if you purchase a second bag rather than packing everything into one big overweight suitcase.


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