Lengthen the lifespan of your blooms using everyday household items.

1. Mesh Produce bag As Flower Arranger

To keep flimsy blooms perky and upright, cut away a portion of a mesh bag and stretch it over the mouth of a mason jar. Keep it in place by screwing on the canning jar band (from a jar with a two-part lid). Cut away any excess materials. Poke stems through the mesh openings.

2. Lemon Lime Soda As Makeshift Flower Food

No food packet with your bouquet? Roses flourish in a vase filled up with equal parts water and lemon-lime soda-the sugar, citric acid, and preservatives do the trick.

3. Straw As Stem Extender

Extend the stems of roses and ranunculus to fit a vase with a drinking straw. Place underneath of every stem inside a straw, then arrange the bouquets as you normally would.


This article was originally published by _Brandi Broxson_ on _realsimple.com_